Making aN ONLINE Submission
  • To nominate those who you feel are worthy of Welsh National Procurement Award, please familiarise yourself with the straightforward nomination and online submission guidelines detailed on this website or within our brochure and send us your completed submission by the deadline of:
    Thursday 19th May 2016 at 12 noon
  • Should you have any queries regarding any aspects of the Awards, do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 1248 382907 or email us at:
  • Can you help us capture, recognise and reward those who have made a telling contribution to the well-being of Wales?

Making an Online Submssion

Online submissions are to consist of a maximum of 5 written pages and are to be submitted online. SUBMIT A NOMINATION.

Submissions are to be structured according to the headings detailed below:
1. Nomination overview **note this should be a maximum of 200 words**.
2. Brief description of the organisation, individual, team, project, or initiative.
3. The outstanding contribution of the organisation, individual, team, project, or initiative.
4. Outstanding new ideas and approaches adopted.
5. Evidence of measurable and significant benefits.
6. Transferability & best practice.

A maximum of 4 pages of additional supporting evidence can also attached to the online submission. Supporting materials
can include a variety of things including testimonials, press clippings, and performance figures.

Other details we require as part of yourt submission:

A. Nominator Details:
• Name:
• Job Title:
• Organisation Name:
• Email address:

B. Nominee Details:
• Name of Key individual:
• Job Title:
• Organisation Name:
• Email address:

C. Nomination Category (Please specify one category only).

To make an online submission, please go to our dedicated 'Nomination Submission' page.