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The City and County of Swansea’s Beyond Bricks and Mortar initiative was established to add value to the County’s procurement and generate new training and employment for long term unemployed and economically inactive people in the locality.
With a planned physical regeneration agenda, the initiative fulfilled a wider remit of putting people at the heart of each project.

The initiative ensures that social benefit clauses are in place in each contract, working closely with the procuring team to maximise the benefits achievable. The community benefit elements of each contract are scored by BB&M, working with the contractor to create training and employment opportunities for the target groups. The initiative relies on partners working with the unemployed for a supply of trainees to fill the places created and these are monitored by the team.

The Council believes that each opportunity is valid, regardless of size, if it helps to take the recipient to the next step in their employment. The project has seen great success for trainees and employees with many being kept on after the contract has ended.



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Amber Services has been actively involved in recycling since the company was established in 1972. They were the first company to introduce bottle banks to South Wales in the 1970s, and have been committed to recycling and reduction of waste to landfill for over 4 decades.
Amber Services developed their Materials Reclamation Facility 12 years ago, and through this development they have been able to extend their recycling activities. Amber Services bring all the waste they handle to our site for sorting and segregation into various recycling streams. Our site is unique in the diversity of waste streams it can
process, and this is advantageous to our customers in many ways, including the ability to offer a solution in Wales for all waste streams at one site.

Amber Services aim to remain at the forefront of recycling, and see their methods of operation as pro active in the waste industry. They offer their clients total diversion from landfill; providing their services for the collection, separating and sorting the waste in order to maximise recycling and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. The company aim to be zero waste by 2014.
In addition, Amber Services provide total waste management for companies and organisations throughout South Wales, and these companies can be assured that when they employ Amber Services to deal with their waste disposal, they are not simply disposing of their waste, but actively contributing to the reduction of waste to landfill.

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Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd (CCG) is a housing association that is committed to improving the economic, social prospects and environment of its communities, and to engage with customers so they have a say in how services are delivered. This commitment is reflected in their vision as an organisation. Their £136million Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS) five year investment plays an important part in ensuring they deliver on their commitment and that they covntribute to the local economy by providing employment, training and new business opportunities.

To achieve this, a procurement model was needed to deliver the following objectives:
• Provide substantial economic benefits to the local economy through provision of new jobs, training opportunities and up-skilling leaving a longer term legacy
• Create opportunities for local businesses
• Meet customer needs and deliver on promises to tenants
• Deliver affordability and value for money

The traditional model used by many housing associations to deliver similar investments is to use one or two major contractors to deliver the scheme. In Gwynedd this would not necessarily have benefited local enterprise, so, from the outset CCG decided not to take this particular procurement route but to use a model unique to the organisation.

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Public Procurement of Innovation AWARD WINNER 2014

Rhondda Cynon Taff CBC spends £10M per annum on Supported Living Services for People with a Learning Disability and Mental ill Health. This is an important service to the lives of its clients, supporting them to live independently within our communities.

Many of the services were let through service level agreements iteratively over the years, as more clients were provided with services in the community. This did not aid the development of the services or the market at that time, though these services and markets have their story developed in recent years. Six providers were being utilised to provide these services, employing some 600 staff, but schemes were not categorised by speciality of geographical definition.

Full consultation with services users, their families and providers was therefore seen as an important step, which was undertaken before any procurement process commenced, ensuring that their valued feedback could be utilised to inform the procurement process.

The Council was also looking to enhance its implementation of Community Benefits. The project delivered on all objectives. Providing more efficient, consistent and enhanced services across the County Borough.

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Procurement / Tendering Collaboration Award WINNER 2014

When Melin Homes tendered the first of its Arbed 2 ERDF projects for Fochriw in 2013, with a forecasted spend of £4.5m in a 12 month period, local SMEs anticipated that the award of such a contract would follow the trend of being awarded to a large national company.

Historically, Pre-Qualification Questionnaires for such contracts would favour large companies who could provide, for example, significant turnover figures for a period of years. Once awarded, the national company would then negotiate with the local supply chain with his story the aim of maximising their own profit margins and often extracting the money from the local economy.

The Arbed 2 ERDF tender focussed heavily on community benefits which would be measured by the Welsh Government’s Community Benefits Measurement Tool. Melin Homes wanted to see local Welsh SMEs creating genuine, local, sustainable employment and training opportunities.

Gibson Specialist Technical Services and Thomas CMS Holdings Limited, two local, successful SMEs, had the foresight and willingness to set aside a history of previous competitive tendering and set a precedent by coming together to form a collaboration that not only delivered the Arbed 2 ERDF project successfully, but exceeded all community benefit targets.

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Procurement Student of The Year Award WINNER 2014

Ross has delivered inspiring results since he took up his post in the City & County of Swansea, since September. He has combined his learning, with effort to deliver results.

He is determined, focused and has been responsible for the delivery of high value efficiencies, whilst assisting in the development of strategy and policy.

his story His work ethic is excellent and his attitude towards procurement is superb. We see a long and prosperous career ahead of Ross.








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Most Improved Supplier in Tendering Award Winner 2014

Opinion Research Services (ORS) are a Social Research organisation whom have been successful at tendering for a sustained period. What is most remarkable about them is that they are continuing to elevate their public sector tendering success rate ever further, even despite increasing competitive pressures and reductions in public funding.

In the last year alone, ORS, following substantial efforts from their highly skilled tendering team, alongside assistance from the Bangor University’s Tender Review Service, managed to increase their success rate from 47% to a win-rate of 58% and in so doing they have employed more staff, achieved a significant increase in turnover, and most importantly, realised a profit. Given that most winrates typically plateau when reaching 40%, this is quite some achievement.

Their success story is not one of keen pricing, but instead an unrelenting pursuit of tendering perfection; not only in terms of how they construct their tenders, but also in terms of their approach to tendering strategy and management. Their example is inspiring, because they showcase a plethora of innovative ways of tendering effectively that not only has ensured they win most tenders they bid for, but also minimises the transactional cost of tendering for them.

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Wales’ Public Procurement Ambassador Award WINNER 2014

Service Director for Procurement at Rhondda Cynon Taf Council, Vince Hanly is considered an inspiration to his workforce. Rhondda Cynon Taf is one of the largest local authorities in Wales and has an excellent reputation for its front line delivery of its services as well as a distinctive reputation for working closely in collaboration with others in the public and private sector to deliver projects and services.

Under the leadership of Vince, the Corporate Procurement Unit within the Council is progressive in developing 21st century procurement strategies to embrace smarter procurement, technological, social and economic developments within the Wales public procurement environment.

Vince’s knowledge and skills spans a wide variety of sectors such as Health, Social Care, and Food and he is a highly respected individual in the Construction Industry. He has won a UK-wide excellence award for ensuring the best value for public money on a number of key construction projects.

He has been a recipient of the prestigious “Achiever of the Year” in the Constructing Excellence Awards National Final in recognition of his outstanding work on Collaborative Construction Procurement across South East Wales.